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The Childrens' Set A Good Example Campaign is a model moral education program. Begun in California a number of years ago, and enjoying unprecedented growth, this common sense program has helped parents, teachers, and children throughout the 50 United States. It is unique in the field of moral education.

Built on only workable principles, every step of the program has been successfully piloted to ensure results with virtually every young person and child involved. The countless examples of enhanced well-being and individual advancements are the best possible indicators of its effectiveness.

They plan to integrate these programs into every major city in the United States through collaborative efforts, and to reach into the lives of their nation's youth to give them the moral tools they need to achieve their goals in life.

The new millennium promises a fast-paced, new global economy based on free trade, international high-speed communications, and advancing space-age technologies. It may also prove to be the most challenging when it comes to ethics and man's ability to think in terms of constructive survival for self, others and the environment.

A lack of clear and certain moral standards has led to increasing decay and turmoil in their families, communities and cultures. If current rates of violence, crime, mental health , divorce, substance abuse and corruption are any indication, the seeds have been sown for serious social upheaval.

Regrettably, the worst casualties in this melee are their youth. Recent years have seen an epidemic of violence involving children and adolescents. The term "juvenile delinquent," coined a few decades ago to label problem adolescents, seems wholly inadequate to describe the cold-blooded youth now roaming through their schools and streets.Depression is on the rise and little is being done.


Seeing the need early on, the Concerned Businessmen's Association of America (CBAA) has devoted the past 20 years to meeting this challenge. Their strategy has been to concentrate their initial efforts on morally and ethically preparing America's greatest potential resource—the children of today—for that time in a few short years when they will become the leadership and work force of tomorrow. To do that, they chose a small book written by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard entitled "The Way to Happiness®." It was the right choice.

Since it first started in 1983, more than 12 million children representing over 10 thousand schools have studied and used the book while participating in CBAA's National Children's "Set a Good Example" Campaign and school competition. The results have been impressive. It gives young people the opportunity to work together constructively on projects based on The Way to Happiness precepts. More than 30 state governors, along with directors of state departments of education and drug abuse programs, have applauded the program.

Morals aren't hard to teach but they have to be taught. You are invited to join them in helping millions more of America's children in their quest for a world based on honesty, trust, tolerance and understanding—it is a game they all win.